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Car Care Club

Sign Up for our Car Care Club

We know that keeping a vehicle running in peak condition can be expensive but is necessary to keep it on the road for many miles to come. Because of this we created our Car Care Club. This club can help you save hundred of dollars over the next 365 days. Your membership card will allow you to receive discounts on the following products and services

  • FREE -- 4 Oil Changes (A $156 Value)​

  • FREE -- Air Conditioning System Check (A $49.95 Value)

  • FREE -- 1 Pair of Windshield Wiper Blades (Up to a $25.00 Value)

  • FREE -- Pre-Vacation Travel Inspection (49.95 Value)

  • $25.00 Off -- Any Fluid Flush Service 

  • $40.00 Off -- 30/60/90/120k Scheduled Maintenance Service

  • $50.00 Off -- Brake Repair, Front or Rear Brake Service

  • $34.95 Off -- Computerized Wheel Alignment

  • $30.00 Off -- Any Other Repair Over $300


With the Car Care Club Card, you could easily save up to $460.00 over the next 365 days on car maintenance and auto repair!Our program will save you money even if you do not use all of the services available. The four *free oil changes alone are well worth the introductory price of $139.95.

Also we know that some newer cars may not need all of the services offered within the year.  Because of this we do allow this card to be used on multiple vehicles or by family and friends of yours.

Call us at 920-574-3576 to sign up today!

*Oil change is a standard 5w30 or 5w20 synthetic-blend service. Specialty oil services will be credited $39.95

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